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The Basics of Ordering Seafood Online

We get it, you're ordering seafood online. How do I know what I'm getting? How can I be sure it will be fresh?

Don't worry. That's what makes Nordic Catch stand out among the rest.

  1. Consistent products
  2. Consistent portions
  3. Consistent prices

Those are the 3 pillars of Nordic Catch. We knew that if we were going to build an online business, selling fresh seafood and other perishables, we need to deliver on these marks.

Consistent products - This means having a selection of products that you can count on. Quality and variety are important to you. That is why we select only products that we know we can deliver on a consistent basis. We spend a lot of time reviewing our products, where they come from, and how consistent we can deliver them.

Consistent portions - We will never charge you "overages". We will always deliver you a minimum portion that you can rely on in every pack. You're planning dinner, so let's not screw that up for you. You want 1 big piece, or 2 equal size pieces in every pack. That's our criteria, too.

But if you're always delivering consistent sizes, what happens to the scraps?

Our seafood comes from Iceland, do you know how sustainable this country is? Let me tell you what happens. Every fillet is passed through a super high-tech machine which laser-measures, and cuts with hydro-jets, to give you consistent portions, all while reducing waste by up to 30%... your local fish market? Sorry, they are doing this by hand. Creating tons of waste. Harmful to the environment, and ultimately raising prices for you.

Consistent prices - By having a consistent menu, and using sustainable methods to reduce waste, we can keep consistent with our prices. As the direct source, we know the market trends. We don't depend on a wholesaler to dictate the "market price" for us. Our prices don't suddenly change from one week to the next.

We are so confident about this, you can even lock in prices for at least a year with a subscription.

We want you to feel confident when ordering our products. What you see is what you get.

Browse our products, add to your cart, checkout, and enjoy!

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