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Shipping perishables and what to expect

Let's start with the box.

Unlike many companies out there, we DO NOT use foam to keep your fish cool.
We already know the effects that foam material has on our environment. So we opt for a thick recycled cotton that will keep your products cool just as long as foam would.

This material can be discarded in the trash and will biodegrade in about a year, going back into nature, just like where it started.

That's sustainable.

Isn't shipping bad for the environment?

Yes, but only if you're not doing anything to offset it.

All of our shipments are carbon neutral. We contribute a fee with every single order to multiple programs that are all actively offsetting carbon in the atmosphere. Check out the various programs we supportĀ here.

Ask the other guys what they're doing to offset carbon... probably nothing.

Do I need to be home when the delivery is made?


As long as it hasn't been longer than 48 hours since the time we shipped your box, the fish will be perfectly cool. Just move the product to the fridge (or freezer) and refer to the "Enjoy or freeze by" date on the back.

We want you to feel confident when ordering our products. We'll handle the shipping, you handle the cooking.

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